Talks etc.

GEM- Ground Essence & Modality Conference, Helsinki, June 2016


  1. “The Epistemology of Essence”, Online Workshop for the Routledge Handbook of Essence, July 9th-12th 2021.
  2. “What Does a Modal Normativist Know about Modality? ” (with A. Vaidya), Modality, Ground, and Essence Workshop, University of Graz (AUSTRIA), March 12th-14th 2020 (postponed due to COVID-19).
  3. “Is There An Absolute Modality?”, New York Metaphysics & Logic Workshop, CUNY – The Graduate Center, March 9th 2020.
  4. “The Epistemology of Grounding”, Early Career Metaphysics Workshop, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, April 26th-27th 2019 (joint work with A. Vaidya and M. Wallner).
  5. “Modal Pluralism and Modal Knowledge”, Pluralism, Relativism and Skepticism: The First Annual Conference of The Middle East Society for Analytic Philosophy, The American University in Cairo, Cairo (EGYPT), March 19th-21st 2019.
  6. “Modal Pluralism and Purely A Priori Necessities”, Workshop on Necessity and Essence, Tübingen University, Tübingen (GERMANY), November 22nd-23rd 2018.
  7. “Modal Pluralism and Modal Knowledge”, Invited Symposium, Necessary Beings: A Conference in Memory of Bob Hale, Senate House, London (UK), October 15th-16th 2018.
  8. “Putting Modal Metaphysics First”, Invited Symposium: The Metaphysics and Epistemology of Modality, Pacific Meeting of the APA, San Diego, CA, March 28th-April 1st 2018.
  9. “The In-Essential Powers of Modal Imagination”, Philosophy of Imagination International Conference, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Bochum (GERMANY), March 15th-16th 2018.
  10. “Putting Modal Metaphysics First”, Conceivability & Modality International Conference, Sapienza University, Rome (ITALY), June 19th-20th 2017.
  11. “Essence, Explanation, and Modal Knowledge”, New York Metaphysics & Logic Workshop, CUNY – The Graduate Center, May 8th 2017.
  12. “Essence, Explanation, and Modal Knowledge”, The Saul Kripke Center Brown Bag Lunch Series, CUNY – The Graduate Center, March 15th 2017.
  13. “Conceivability, Possibility, and The Inconsistent Triad”, Modal Metaphysics – Issues on the (Im)Possible IV, Bratislava (SLOVAKIA), August 30th-31st 2016.
  14. “Conceivability, Possibility, and The Inconsistent Triad”, GEM – Ground, Essence, and Modality International Conference, University of Helsinki (FINLAND), June 8th-10th 2016.
  15. “The A Priori Route from Essence to Necessity”, 2016 Edgington Lectures, Birkbeck College, London (UK), June 3rd-4th 2016.
  16. “Perceptual Intuition and A Priori Justification”, 2016 UConn Graduate Conference on the A Priori, University of Connecticut, February 20th 2016.
  17. “Conceiving & Necessity. The Kripkean Challenge to Chalmers’s Modal Epistemology”, 2015 PLM Masterclass, Stockholm University (SWEDEN), June 7th 2015.
  18. A Kripkean Look at Chalmers’s Modal Epistemology”, New York Metaphysics & Logic Workshop, CUNY – The Graduate Center, May 14th 2015.
  19. “Scrutability and Negative Facts”, COGITO Research Center, Bologna (ITALY), May 29th 2013.
  20. “Scrutability and Negative Facts”, 2013 Rudolf Carnap Lectures, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Bochum (GERMANY), May 22nd 2013.
  21. “Kripke sul metro-campione. Un caso di contingente a priori?” (“Kripke on the Standard Meter. A Case of the Contingent A Priori?”), Sapienza University, Rome (ITALY), June 7th 2012.


  1. Comments on Jakob Schieder’s “Explaining Essence and Modality”, Modal Metaphysics – Issues on the (Im)Possible IV, Bratislava (SLOVAKIA), August 30th-31st 2016.
From my dissertation defense, New York, June 2018
(with David Papineau, Michael Devitt, Jonathan Schaffer, 
Nick Pappas, and Katharine Butler)

Poster for the Conceivability and Modality 
International conference, Rome, June 2017

PLM Masterclass with D. Chalmers, Stockholm, June 2015


Middle East Society for Analytic Philosophy Conference, 
Cairo, March 2019

Some of my Prezis: 

2017 Central APA, Kansas City       CUNY Colloquium dinner with Gideon Rosen, 
                                    New York, Spring 2017

Interviewed by Skye Cleary for the APA Blog (March 2017):